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Dedicated Recruiter Service

Recruitment processes are very intensive and take up most of a company’s resources of time and money. Here at Kush Staffing, we endeavor to make cut this work down for you by taking up the tough recruitment processes while charging you less than what you would have used as recruitment overheads.

We have highly qualified in-house recruitment professionals that will ensure that you have the best people working for you.

Job Analysis

Before looking for new employees, our dedicated recruiters will discuss with your recruitment team the job to be filled. This involves understanding the need for the position, the specifics skills required for the position and the urgency in filling up the position. This is important for us to know what to look for and where to look.

Scouting Candidates

The first step after determining the position to be filed is scouting for candidates. You cannot hire any person without comparing them with others in an existing candidate’s pool.

Candidates’ profiles are found in many places from the resumes they, their social media pages, previous employment referrals and other recruiters. KRPO will undertake thorough research on the potential candidates to determine their suitability for the particular job opening, skills set, experience and their background.Offshore recruiters are of great importance in this step because they make it possible for you to know all there is to know about these candidates.

Evaluation of Skills

There are instances where a candidate puts down sets of skills they know nothing of. Thorough evaluation of their resumes and profiles is a strategic recruitment process that lets the full cycle recruiter into the life of the candidate. Through their online social profiles and impromptu interviews, it’s possible to know their eligibility and genuinity of their profiles.

One-on-one interviews will give us more information about the candidates. This is why we recommend the use of practical interviews or technicalities to ascertain if the candidates are a suitable or not.

A successful candidate will be hired after this thorough skill, profile, education and personality match is undertaken.

Managing recruitment

Our hire end-to-end recruiter means that we will be obliged to stick around after the recruitment process is done. There are other logistical issues to take care of and they include re-assessment of the hiring process and the hired person(s), providing better hiring initiatives and sourcing of other strategies for us to stay competitive.

A close relationship with your company’s hiring manager lets us hire the best fitting candidate cutting down your recruitment costs and getting you the right person to work with in the shortest possible time.

We will then issue a comprehensive and transparent report on the whole recruitment process. Our recommendations and opinions will be included.