3 Ways to Attract the Talent You Actually Want

Recruiting the best talent for an open position in your organization is a lot harder than people think it is. It involves more than just writing an Internet ad for a job board including a job description and then waiting for the candidates to bring themselves.

Certainly, your inbox will be flooded with submissions of CVs from all over, but wading through this sea of applications to find candidates who are promising enough for the job you advertised is no walk in the park. It can actually be equated to finding a needle in a very big haystack – a stack the size of a stadium.

Fortunately, there are strategies and tips that you can apply to make you work less… nightmarish. These are the same tactics applies by leading recruitment firms and international RPO agencies that hire for the multinational organizations that you see and hear about. Read on to learn more.

  1.      Be proactive

It has happened to everyone at some point: you have a big event coming up soon, and you don’t know what to wear. You has no problem choosing the best things to wear a few months back when you were browsing dress shops at the mall. But now that you really, really, need it? You have no options.

Think of job candidates the same way – not like cocktail dresses or the perfect suit – but rather in light of this concept. It is important to take your job sourcing proactively – which means that you or your RPO provider remains on the lookout of talented and promising candidates, whether or not they are relevant to your present hiring requirements. You should populate a database of such candidates, so that you have them within reach when a relevant opportunity crops up.

Another thing to remember about being proactive is that every company is always looking for talented, high quality employees, therefore you’re likely to find that your promising candidates have jobs already. These are known in recruitment lingo as passive candidates – people who are happily employed but could be swayed by a great opportunity should it come up.

Obviously, you may not always get the perfect candidates interested in the job you offer. Most likely, they won’t even be looking. Therefore, if someone promising flies across your radar, take the initiative to reach out to them and make a connection, then broach the opportunity to them gently. This way, you’ll keep you end to end recruitment list stocked with promising talent for openings as they come.

  1.      Promote your uniqueness

When you think of selling your business, often your scope will be limited to marketing the business, products and/or services to consumers. You never think of selling the business to prospective employees, which is where many businesses fail. If you’re looking to bring on-board the right talent in your organization, ensure you promote your brand in the right circles.

Begin by thinking about what makes you different. What about you should attract a candidate who is being courted by other employers out there? Why is your company great to work for? Avoid vague, encompassing statements like we have great employees. Hone in on specific details.

Talk to employees of other firms and find out what they love about their place of work, and if you have them, promote these alongside your job. When staffing, look at the features that embody your company culture, and qualities that would attract a certain person to you.

Share these unique aspects in your social media accounts, jobs pages, recruiting fairs, with your RPO companies and everywhere else. This content is easily shareable using hiring tools like Application Tracking Systems. When it comes down to it, you will have to do very little to get the right people to work for you.

  1.      Concentrate on making employees happy

This goes beyond lip service, and telling employees that you value them. This point is about looking away from prospective employees to your present ones. Your employees are walking talking advertisements for your business. Everyone talks about their jobs to their networks, so ensure that your employees are saying good things about you.

A single bad report can undo years of work you’ve put into promoting your brand. Ensuring that your employees are comfortable will enhance your desirability as a prospective employer.

You can also use those talented, successful and skilled employees when you’re sourcing. Chances are that they will know someone who is perfect for that job, and you can reward them for introducing these people to you. It’s easy to misread a person during a job interview, since we always bring our A-game to the table. However, the employee will know things about the candidate that you can’t learn from ten interviews, and may be an invaluable resource in connecting you with the right people.


There are many good employees out there, and using these tips, you can get the right people working for you, and waiting to work for you every single time!

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